10 Best Online Doctorates in Homeland Security 2022

10 Best Online Doctorates in Homeland Security 2022

The attacks on the United States in 2001 and the accompanying war on terrorism sparked a surge in employment opportunities in fields connected to homeland security, and this trend does not seem likely to abate in the foreseeable future.

From counterterrorism to cybersecurity, global instability and technological developments in digital warfare have only expanded the role of agencies such as the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA, as well as private-sector corporate security firms and government contractors. This is true across the board. A work in the government has always been considered a very secure career path; yet, in the 21st century, any occupation that is in any way connected to security has a high rate of return.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Doctorate in Homeland Security?

Why is it a good idea to get a doctorate in security or another form of doctorate that deals with homeland security? A doctorate degree may make a significant impact in terms of chances for development, job shift, and, of course, pay grade for working professionals who are currently engaged in careers related to criminal justice, cybersecurity, or public service. Students who complete an excellent PhD program in Homeland Security will emerge with strong research and analytical capabilities, will have developed their leadership abilities, and will have access to a network of vital contacts in the job market.

Online doctoral programs in Homeland Security make a lot of sense for universities to provide due to the fact that the majority of people who are interested in obtaining a PhD in Security are already working in their respective fields. There is a wide variety of education that can be combined with a concentration or specialization in security to lead to a doctorate in Homeland Security. Some of the degrees that can be combined are those in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Computer Science, Public Policy, and Professional Studies. In some circumstances, students have the option of enhancing their credentials by pursuing an additional graduate certificate or minor in addition to their main program of study.

Putting Together a List of the Top Online PhD Programs in Homeland Security
Online PhD conducted research on all of the most recognized online, hybrid, and low-residency doctoral degree programs in the subject of homeland security in order to compile their list of the 15 Best Online Doctorates in Homeland Security. Following the compilation of this first list, the programs were rated based on the following three pieces of data:

The colleges that provide the programs that are included in the top 15 are all accredited on a regional level. Several of the programs that were highlighted in the list have also been designated by the National Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. Graduates that get this distinction are put in one of the most advantageous places in the job market within their discipline.

10 Best Online Doctorates in Homeland Security 2022

1. The University of Illinois at Chicago, which is located in Chicago, Illinois 2.

Since its founding in 1946 as an extension campus for the University of Illinois, the University of Illinois at Chicago has been recognized as one of the youngest major public research institutions in the country. The original plan for the University of Illinois at Chicago was for it to be a temporary two-year school that would help meet the demand for higher education from World War II veterans who were using their GI Bill benefits to transition back into civilian life. However, the demand was much higher than expected. By 1965, the state had founded a new, independent Chicago institution, and in little over half a century, the University of Illinois at Chicago has risen to become one of the best public research universities in the United States. UIC has established itself as the preeminent institution for professional education in the state of Illinois, with programs spanning from medical and nursing to business, law, and criminal justice.

Although the Institution of Illinois at Chicago does not offer the Ph.D. in Criminology, Law, and Justice entirely online, the university does make many of the graduate-level courses that are necessary for the degree accessible online. The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a graduate certificate in emergency management and continuity planning that can be completed entirely online. This certificate is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the Department of Homeland Security or other government agencies related to homeland security. These five classes may be finished in as little as three semesters, and when combined with the PhD in Criminology, Law, and Justice, they can effectively produce a leading PhD in Emergency Management for future agents and administrators.

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology, Law, and Justice; Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Cost: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2. The Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis is one of the most distinctive public research institutions in the United States. It came into being in 1969 as a result of the consolidation of Indiana and Purdue’s two extension campuses in the state capital of Indiana. This unconventional strategy resulted in the establishment of a standalone school that is able to use the resources provided by Indiana’s two most prestigious public institutions. IUPUI has rapidly become the state’s preeminent institution for professional studies, especially those relating to urban living, contemporary technology, and medicine, thanks to its location and position as a public research university (including the largest nursing school and second-largest medical school in the US). IUPUI has become one of the most prominent online educational institutions in the United States because to its focus on education for working adults. This opens up doors of opportunity for working professionals all throughout the state of Indiana and the rest of the country.

The online PhD Minor in Homeland Security and Emergency Management offered by IUPUI is a one-of-a-kind supplementary program that gives students who are working on their doctorate the opportunity to tack on a totally online minor. In order for students to apply for the minor, they must already have a PhD plan that is active and has been authorized; the minor adds four courses, including compulsory courses in disaster management, risk analysis, and security in the United States. Any doctorate degree may be converted into a PhD in homeland security via the use of the PhD minor. This provides graduates with the credentials necessary to progress in their government job or to transition into a new field of professional service.

Program: Minor in Homeland Security and Emergency Management for Doctor of Philosophy Students Cost: $$$$$

Hattiesburg, Mississippi Location of the University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi was the first teacher’s college in the state of Mississippi when it was established in 1910. Prior to that time, Mississippi’s education system relied on an outmoded model in which educators traveled from community to community to instruct future teachers. In spite of this, Southern Miss has developed into one of the most significant public doctorate research institutions in the region, particularly due to the quality of its professional and STEM programs, which include studies in areas such as business, nursing, and the human sciences. USM’s prominence has been expanding steadily over the last several years because to the university’s expansion of a robust array of completely online degree programs that are made available to students in Mississippi and around the country.

The Doctor of Philosophy in International Development degree program offered via Southern Miss’s online learning platform offers working people a practical and efficient way to achieve a terminal degree in an important area of study. Students who pursue a doctorate in international development have the opportunity to specialize in a variety of subfields, one of which is security studies. This degree program brings together the most recent findings in research and theory regarding how communities and nations progress, grow, and interact with one another. During the course of the academic year, students are required to attend seven sessions on campus; however, all of their coursework is completed online, making this a highly flexible online PhD in security studies program.

The program is a Doctor of Philosophy in International Development. Cost: $$$$$

4. Liberty University, which is located in Lynchburg, Virginia

Jerry Falwell, a Christian preacher, had the dream of establishing Liberty University in 1971. He envisioned Liberty as the center for Christian education for people all over the globe. Liberty University was established. Liberty University started off as a very modest Baptist institution; but, in 1985, it became the first American university to provide remote education, at first delivering instruction through VHS tapes sent to students’ homes. The area in which Liberty University truly established its footing was in the realm of online education; the university was one of the first Christian schools to completely embrace the new paradigm. Today, Liberty is the biggest Christian college in the United States and one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country thanks to its approximately 100,000 online students.

10 Best Online Doctorates in Homeland Security 2022

In addition to being one of the most politically connected Christian institutions, Liberty has substantial links to the Republican party as well as the federal government, lobbying groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Because of this, the online PhD in Criminal Justice-Homeland Security degree program that Liberty University offers is an obvious option for Christian students who want to further their professions in the field of security or who wish to transition into a job in the field of Homeland Security. This doctoral program in homeland security may be finished in as little as three years and requires neither on-campus attendance nor time spent in residence at any university. It’s a no-brainer coming from one of the most respected brands in the world of online education right now.

The program is a Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security Emphasis. Cost: $$$$$

The fifth spot goes to St. John’s University in Queens, New York.

At the behest of Bishop John Loughlin, the Vincentian Fathers, a Roman Catholic order devoted to education and charity to the poor, established St. John’s University in 1870. The university’s first home was in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that St. John’s University was later relocated to the borough of Queens, the institution has never given up on its objective to provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to higher education. Because of this goal, St. John’s University is not only one of the most diverse Catholic institutions in the United States but also one of the most successful universities in terms of promoting social mobility; the university even makes it a point to serve students who are homeless.

Working professionals in the security industry now have the chance to acquire their terminal degree via St. John’s University’s online DPS in Homeland Security degree program. Students may get their degree without having to leave their existing employment. The Doctor of Professional Studies is a practical degree format that focuses on applicable skills that have an immediate use in students’ careers. St. John’s University builds the curriculum around the specialized problems of modern security, such as technology, globalism, and natural disasters, to name a few of these issues. Although students complete their coursework entirely online, they are required to meet on campus for one week during each academic year. During this time, they get to know the other students in their cohort as well as their instructors and build connections that may prove useful to them later in their careers.

Program: Department of Public Safety in Homeland Security Cost: $$$$$

University of Colorado at Boulder Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs, CO

In the 21st century, UCCS has built on that foundation by establishing strong linkages to the military, the NSA, and Homeland Security. These relationships relate the university’s skills in business and engineering to the difficulties of modern-day global security. The online PhD in Engineering degree program offered by UCCS features a Concentration in Security that is designed to assist working people in developing their knowledge in specialized areas such as cybersecurity and homeland security. Students may be certain that not only are they enrolled in a top-ranked online program, but also one that has excellent connections, since UCCS has been recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by both the NSA and the DHS.

The program is a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with a focus in Security Cost: $$$$$

Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Nova Southeastern University comes in at number seven.

Since its inception in 1964, Nova Southeastern University has placed a primary emphasis on technological education. Nova Southeastern University was founded in Fort Lauderdale in 1967 as a small graduate school with the goal of providing working adults with convenient graduate degrees in technology-related fields. Nova made its name in the 1970s by offering distance education opportunities to military personnel stationed all over the world. Today, the university is one of the largest providers of online graduate degrees in the United States. This early foundation in distance education made online education a natural choice for Nova Southeastern in the 1990s, building on a number of years of providing working adults and other professionals with convenient means to earn their degrees. Online education has since grown into one of the university’s most prominent areas of focus. Nova Southeastern University has established itself as one of the most prestigious brands in the field of online education and is gaining a rising reputation on a national scale.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Assurance degree program that is offered online by Nova Southeastern University is grounded in some of NSU’s oldest areas of expertise as well as the most cutting-edge technologies. The online Doctor of Philosophy in Security program at Nova Southeastern University is recognized by both the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. This program offers students the highest level of theory, research, and practice in cybersecurity, concentrating on both technical innovation and leadership skills. Students benefit from the flexibility of online classes as well as the real-world connections and assistance of on-campus experiences when they take classes in a hybrid format.

The program is a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Assurance. Cost: $$$$$

8. The Colorado Institute of Technology in Colorado Springs, Colorado

One of the most well-known names in online education, Colorado Technical University got its start in 1965 as a humble vocational school dedicated to assisting veterans in their transition back into civilian society through the pursuit of technical careers. Today, the university is one of the most prominent names in online education. In 1995, the institution was granted university status. Roughly around the same time, the school made the jump into online education and developed a large number of totally online programs in a range of subject areas. Today, more than 90 percent of CTU’s student population is comprised of students who attend the university online, and it has been consistently listed as one of the finest institutions for veterans for a long time. In addition to its regional accreditation, Central Texas University has business accreditation from the ACBSP as well as engineering accreditation from the ABET.

The Colorado Tech Doctor of Management in Homeland Security degree program is considered to be among the top in the United States as a result of the university’s recognition as an NSA-DHS Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. CTU alumni have a valuable edge when it comes to promotion and changing careers because of the university’s formal link with the government entities that are primarily responsible for maintaining national security. The Doctor of Management program is a practical option for working professionals in the security industry or people who are changing careers since it consists entirely of online courses and has a minimal residence requirement. It is widely considered to be among the best online PhD programs in security that are currently available.

A Doctor of Management in Homeland Security is offered via this program. Cost: $$$$$

9. The New Jersey City University, which is located in Jersey City, New Jersey

New Jersey City University was originally established as a public normal school and is now a member of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (a teacher-training method that put new teachers in real classrooms for experiential learning). As is the case with many colleges of this kind, New Jersey City University (NJCU) began as a teacher’s college before transitioning into a fully public university as the area around Jersey City evolved into the state of New Jersey’s second-largest metropolitan area. Today, NJCU is still an important institution for educating New Jersey teachers, but the university has also developed into a significant force in the professional workforce of the state, particularly in the fields of fire science and providing a pipeline for the FBI, CIA, and other government organizations.

Because of its stellar reputation, the online Doctor of Science in Civil Security Leadership, Management, and Policy program offered by NJCU is among the top options available to aspiring security professionals in the state of New Jersey. The Defense Science Institute (DSci) is a generalist program that focuses its attention on three subfields: national security, corporate security, and cybersecurity. A Doctor of Science (DSci) is a practitioner doctorate, in contrast to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), which focuses more on academic or research competence than on practical application in a professional career. The students do all of their courses online, and then come on campus for a two-week resident in the summer and four weekend residencies. Graduates of NJCU are put on a fast track to promotion into administrative and managerial roles thanks to the university’s ties.

Course: Doctor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Cost: $$$$$

10. Penn State Harrisburg – Harrisburg, PA

In 1966, the Pennsylvania State University established a branch in the state capital of Harrisburg, which came to be known as Penn State Harrisburg. Penn State Harrisburg is established on its links to the government of Pennsylvania, in addition to its extensive networking across the state’s commercial and nonprofit sectors that are focused around Harrisburg. This is made possible by the university’s location in the state capital. Penn State Harrisburg has developed into a key participant in the field of professional education as a direct result of the chances it gives its students, particularly in fields that are connected to the government. Because of its commitment to continuing education for adults, Penn State Harrisburg has also emerged as a rising pioneer in the fields of online and distant learning.

Because Penn State Harrisburg has such strong ties to the Pennsylvania state government, its online doctoral degree program in public administration is built on one of the university’s most prominent advantages. Penn State Harrisburg has been offering programs in public administration since 1989. These programs assist working civil servants and other professionals in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to advance into higher positions of leadership. Students also have the option to specialize on homeland security if they so want. Because of Penn State Harrisburg’s long history and extensive alumni network, the university’s graduates have options not just in Pennsylvania but also throughout the country.

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