11 Best meme creator apps for Android & iOS

Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the popularity of memes has skyrocketed in this century.

In point of fact, we now consider them to be among our most preferred forms of entertainment, taking the place of more conventional stand-ups and comic events. It is sometimes the case that an everyday person, rather than a professional artist, is able to sarcastically portray their experience in a manner that is more meaningful to others.

Because of this, programs that generate me mes were developed; they provide everyone with the opportunity to cover humorous occurrences from their everyday lives with an image that is sardonic. Additionally, seeing a meme does not take very long, which is another reason why so many people like them and spread them in today’s culture.

GATM Meme Generator

The rise of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok may have given the impression that me mes have lost some of their appeal, but in reality, they have just become of higher quality. There is still a good opportunity for any me me to become very famous if it cleverly reflects certain current events or trending subjects and if it does so in a humorous manner.

And despite the fact that this software may be a little bit out of date, it still has all of the most popular meme subjects and photographs from which you may choose and then alter in any manner that you see fit. In contrast to what was said at the beginning of this analysis, it is possible to create me mes just for the purpose of sharing them with one another and one’s circle of acquaintances, without the intention of having them become viral.

The editing is really straightforward here; all you do is choose a photo and add some text to it (the font is always the same). Therefore, if you are interested in a greater variety of editing options, you may want to search elsewhere outside this program.

Meme Generator Free

You will be able to locate the funniest and most intriguing me mes using this software, and you will be able to send them to your friends across many platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google+, e-mail, Dropbox, Drive, Snapchat, and so on.

Here you will discover a variety of me  me categories, each of which has more than 700 instances. Additionally, you will find tools that enable you to create new memes using photographs from your mobile device, which you can then store and share with others. You will be able to create a me me of any sort thanks to the extensive collection of stickers, as well as the color and text customization options.

11 Best meme creator apps for Android & iOS

You have the option of adding up to ten signatures with your photo. In addition to this, you may combine many me mes into a single entity at a later time. Simply continue scrolling down the page, and all of the photographs that you have access to will be shown on the menu that you have opened. You may also construct a list of the memes that you find most entertaining, and by the way, fresh me mes are uploaded on a regular basis.


This software is consistently ranked as one of the best in creating memes throughout the globe. Consider the fact that more than 5 million individuals have already downloaded it. The reason for this is, of course, due to the ease and convenience with which it may be used. Mematic provides you with the tools to modify your photos, after which you may send them to your friends for feedback.

You will have access to all of the traditional forms of me mes, and you will quickly be able to make amazing me mes. Think back on some of your favorite characters. Everyone from the Bachelor Frog to Philosoraptor and “The Most Interesting Man in the World” may be found in this place.

Using all of the resources provided by Mematic, it is now time for you to write your very own hilarious and fascinating tales. You have unlimited access to download and store the meme you made at any moment.

Create an image that is both entertaining and easy to reme mber, and use it to present the most recent news in a different light. Choose the printing style you like most, and then position the text on top of your picture. And of course, you should check out the me mes that were produced by other people while using this program.

Creator of Memes

The very name of this place gives everything away. You probably already have a good idea that this software features an art studio that will provide you with the ability to make memes that are both great and original. More than 600 different pictures are at your disposal here, so you have a lot of options.

You have access to more than 20 different fonts to choose from when writing your messages on images, so there is no danger that you will be caught off guard by a lack of variety. You have the option of combining the memes you have saved in order to generate new comics. When you have finished creating yet another engaging meme, you should make it available to the public and share it with the globe via social networks or messaging apps.

Utilize the right tools, and hunt for a filter that is one of a kind and that you enjoy, if you are getting the impression that your picture is a mess and has to be restyled. Altering a picture’s dimensions is another option available to you. Finally, there is always something that we like and don’t want to give up; in these situations, you might make a list of the me mes that you consider to be your favorites.

Producer of Me mes

You may download this app in order to create even more photographs with a deeper significance to your life. With the assistance of Me me Producer, you will be able to give instant form to any thought that pops into your head and bring it to life. It has been downloaded over 2 million times, and it already represents something significant.

Find an image online that depicts a real-life or made-up scenario that inspires you to come up with a unique solution. This is the first step. Once you’ve located one, modify its captions and include all of the required attributes as well as information about it. When you are satisfied with the outcome, you may choose to share it with your friends or with individuals you find in odd places.

11 Best meme creator apps for Android & iOS

Have fun together! There is never a time when you won’t have the opportunity to add various photos to your meme. You may upload a photo directly from your device if you haven’t been successful in finding the one you’re searching for in any of the app shops. Captions may span more than one line in this section. This program contains neither advertisements nor watermarks, which is a significant plus in its favor.

Modern Me me Maker

Utilize the Modern Meme Maker to showcase your artistic prowess. As soon as you have a concept for a great me me, you can go right to work creating it, and after it’s complete, you can publish a photo of it on various social networking sites. In this section, you are not only able to choose photographs but also videos for use in the construction of memes, and they may come from either the app’s library or from your own phone.

You will discover over one hundred amusing memes that are waiting for you to caption them. You may make your own humorous or life tales by changing photographs, rotating them, cropping them, and adding text! You have the option of putting a watermark on your meme in the event that you do not want it to be used by anybody else.

You may add a description of the image you’re working on after selecting a typeface that appeals to you. After that, you’ll be able to organize your memes into different categories, which will make it simpler for you to navigate the vast majority of memes that have been made by you and other users. It’s also possible to take screenshots from videos and use them in your meme tales.

Make a Me me+

Here you will find every hilarious meme that you are familiar with, ranging from “forever alone” to “success child.” With this software, you will never have the opportunity to feel bored since you will always be able to create and view memes. Simply touching on the screen will bring up a menu from which you may choose a different font and kind of text to use when adding writing to images in this app.

You may customize your memes and photographs by adding hats and faces, such as the “Scumbag Hat” and the “Troll Face.” When you have finished creating a new meme, you may upload it to Facebook and share it with your friends there.

In addition, you may include your friends in your amusing meme narrative, which will provide you with more material for laughter. Send out tweets with your memes. Send them using WhatsUp while making use of the app’s specialized capabilities.

You now have the fun option of attaching an image to any one of your contacts. In addition to that, there is a component that you can use that is referred to as “Know Your Meme,” and it will assist you in learning about new memes and creative processes. You may either download Aby or remove him from your works.

Video & GIF Memes

The popularity of picture memes has been overtaken in recent years by the rise of the video meme. Why don’t you just create a video meme instead? It is not as difficult as it may seem; in reality, it is rather simple, particularly if you make use of the aforementioned software. To begin, you will be prompted to choose the kind of file that you wish to make, either an image, a GIF, or a movie.

11 Best meme creator apps for Android & iOS

Simply upload the file to the app once you have decided which category it belongs in. There are several editing styles available, depending on the kind (obviously). You may personalize movies by trimming them, adding effects, and customizing them with fonts, filters, and stickers. When you are through making edits, you will be given the option to choose the quality of the picture, GIF, or video that you want to save.

Memasik: Meme creator app

Another fun tool for making memes that gives you the ability to craft them with the skill of a seasoned artist. You have access to everything you need to create a meme on any subject, regardless of how popular it is at the moment. The stickers, which can be applied to any photo and turned into a hilarious meme relating to a certain subject, are one of the most significant benefits offered by this platform.

And I think it’s very cool how this software has a simple UI, but it also has a lot of different functionalities that let you make memes in a wide variety of different styles. Take, for instance, the case when you want to make a thug life meme. Simply upload the photo, add some text, and then browse for stickers by searching for “thug life” in the search box. You’ll be surprised at how many great alternatives there are!


Because Tumblr is a social network that focuses on photographs, it only makes sense that users have the opportunity to create memes inside the platform. You are free to produce an unlimited number of memes and upload them to your website without worrying about the page being overwhelmed with an excessive amount of material (like on Facebook or Instagram, for example).

Additionally, if you want to, you can even make GIF memes on Tumblr if you want to. The editing options are quite versatile, allowing users to choose a variety of filters, effects, typefaces, and stickers, amongst other things. Tumblr isn’t only for memes; it’s also a very great program where you can discover pictures related to any subject you can think of.

Me medroid

Have you ever seen a single individual who does not take pleasure in memes? It’s quite unlikely that there are any humans on this planet that fit that description. Because memes contain such insubstantial amounts of information, almost everyone enjoys them. Me mes enable us to divert ourselves, have a good time, and cultivate stronger relationships with our close companions.

This app is similar to a social network for memes since users are able to create memes, share memes with other users, and debate memes all inside the app itself. In addition, if you find that a certain user consistently creates memes that are hilarious and interesting, you may subscribe to that user to ensure that you are the first person to see any new memes they produce.

Memedroid is a great alternative to Facebook because here you can share only your memes, whereas on Facebook your page can quickly become a piece of garbage if you post too many memes for an audience that isn’t particularly engaged, and this can also be unattractive to potential employers. Memedroid allows you to share only your memes.

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