11 Free Karaoke Apps That Also Include Lyrics (Android & iOS)

Karaoke is a joyful activity that may be enjoyed in the company of good friends or it can be done by oneself as a means to hone one’s vocal talents. Some people believe that in order to do this, you have to travel to a specialized facility that has all of the appropriate tools.

But in point of fact, you may use your phone for this purpose if you download one or maybe even more of these free karaoke apps with lyrics for Android and iOS. These applications are available for both platforms. The fact that song lyrics may be accessed via their platform is unquestionably an advantage over competing businesses. You will thus be able to record your own track consisting of just your voice.

If you can’t locate a version of the music without vocals, try one of these top voice removal programs instead.


The mobile karaoke program known as StarMaker is constantly available on your phone yet doesn’t take up much storage space. The application enables you to pick out your favorite track and sing along with your pals, even if they are located in a different city or state.

Using this software, you are able to not only make new acquaintances but also share your recordings with those new friends. The user will automatically be sent to the sing portion of the app when they first load it; this section may be navigated to using the bottom menu. There are parts in the songbook that may be played as a duet.

One user establishes a duet room, which allows for more users to join in and begin playing together. You will also discover a section with video song parties, daily bonus offers, and additional songs. Following that is a track feed and a set of buttons that allow you to pick artists and types of music.

The feed is pre-populated with suggested songs and allows for sorting by free, hot, popular, and new content. In each row, the thumbnail, title, artist, and description of the music are shown. Following your entry onto the track, you will see that the track card has three tabs: Daily, Total, and Duets.

When the sing button is clicked, the user is transported to the performance of the song. A switch that activates the camera will be located at the very top of the window. You have the option of displaying your photo here or just singing; at the bottom are controls for adjusting the pitch and loudness.

When the user presses the start button, the music will begin to play, the text will show on the screen, and the colored lettering will indicate which words are active. After pausing the song, you will have the opportunity to resume karaoke, download the recording, or upload it to your account.

When you access the recording of another user that contains a video, you will be able to see him, if he was in the frame, and listen to the music that he was playing. You’ll be able to rewind the video, stop it, and see comments left by other viewers.

You may find an artist’s avatar, their moniker, and a button to subscribe to their channel down below. At the very bottom of the window are tabs labeled “Gifts,” “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share with Friends.”


This is an app for those who enjoy to sing karaoke with their friends and have a good time doing it. You may sing songs at home without having to go to karaoke anymore; all you have to do is download the app and start singing. Simply invite your friends to join you, and the app will take care of the rest.

The application enables you to sing a variety of songs that are easily recognizable and often performed. It doesn’t matter what kinds of music you like—whether you like ancient standards or cutting-edge new releases—you can discover them all here. Get access to the app on any device you want.

After installing the app, you will need to register for an account with it and listen to a sample of the music before deciding whether or not to continue using it. You may try it out for free, and if you enjoy it, you can join up for a premium membership to have access to the whole music library.

If there are certain songs that you listen to over and over again, you may save them as Favorites so that you can discover them quickly. You have the ability to personalize each track to your liking, sing along with the singers and vocalists, or turn them off entirely. You should adjust both the volume and the tone.

The software does not need internet connectivity, making it an extremely useful tool. You may enjoy singing karaoke on a larger screen by connecting your phone to any device. Each week, the music collection is given an update. Working with the software is made easier by its uncluttered user interface.

Karaoke on The Voice: Sing It!

This is the official app that was developed for the “Voice” project. Recordings of user-created covers may then be uploaded to the site for community consumption. There is a large collection of music available.

There is the possibility to play both up-to-date songs and compositions that have been around for many decades and are now regarded as timeless masterpieces.

Karaoke is a joyful activity that may be enjoyed in the company of good friends or it can be done by oneself as a means to hone one's vocal talents. Some people believe that in order to do this, you have to travel to a specialized facility that has all of the appropriate tools.

The software comes with its own own music collection, which includes a lot of tracks. When a user is having problems selecting a song, they have the option of consulting playlists that have been curated in preparation by music industry professionals.

The playlists include tracks from practically every genre imaginable of music. If a person truly wants to locate a song that is not included in the karaoke version, they always have the option to contact the developers and request it. Almost immediately, solutions are found for every issue.

You may log in to the application using either your Google or your Facebook account. There is also the possibility to sign up, or to put off until a later date all of the activities that have been outlined above.

The application itself has a user-friendly navigation bar that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. From this page, you can access your profile, playlists, and check which songs are presently the most popular among users.

Karaoke – Sing Songs

This is an application for singing karaoke versions of your favorite songs on your mobile device. You are free to choose any music from the collection; regardless of whether it is an up-to-date hit or an old standard, the application is capable of playing it all.

Sing your heart out and record your own recordings to express yourself. You have the option to utilize the recording feature inside the app. You may make your own hits with the help of it.

There are over a thousand songs available; browse through them until you discover something that appeals to you. Choose the genre you enjoy most. You should provide playlists. There are brand new songs added to the app each week, ensuring that you will never get tired of listening to it.

If you don’t believe the music sounds good enough, you may improve it by using various special voice effects. Recording yourself as you sing will allow you to create your very own music video. This is the perfect software for you if you’ve never stopped daydreaming about being a famous singer.

Because of its simple and uncluttered user interface, working with it is both a breeze and a pleasure. The app may be used for no cost and is not subject to any limitations.


Mixit is an app designed for musically-inclined individuals who love to sing. It doesn’t matter what your preferred musical period or genre is; you’ll be able to discover something that suits your tastes. There are a lot of different tracks here that you may change and adapt to fit your needs.

This program has a wide variety of useful functionalities. Pick any song, sing it yourself, and create your own version of the music. You may modify your recording using the following tools: alter the pitch, adjust the loudness, and toggle the background voices on and off.

You and your pals who are far away may record live duets and sing along to one other. Sing karaoke with your friends in the comfort of your own home using a feature that can convert any song into karaoke. Adding effects to already recorded tracks may make them sound far better.

Change Genre is a one-of-a-kind function that gives you the ability to perform your favorite song using a variety of various musical styles. The repertoire includes music that range from timeless classics to cutting-edge original compositions. Record a video.

You may also compete against other users, and the music with the most votes will get a stunning cover. Modify the way that your voice sounds. If you want more people to appreciate your work, share it on social media.

Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs

This is a totally free software that enables you to download and sing along to all of your favorite songs. The application contains the songs that are the most well-known and are played the most often, catering specifically to lovers of various types of music.

However, after you have installed the application, you will be presented with the option to begin a risk-free trial membership for a period of one month at no cost.

When the free trial time is up, a monthly membership cost will be applied to the account. Caution is advised, and you should make a note to yourself to terminate your subscription if you want to use the software without paying for it.

Recording songs is another aspect of the application, as is the pre-processing of audio tracks using reverb or echo effects. Takes that are successful may be published on social networks or on the program’s feed.

There, you have the opportunity to get a significant number of views and likes from individuals who are also using the same app.

Karaoke Party

This software is for those who like singing but don’t enjoy the loud atmosphere of karaoke clubs. Install it, and then sing wherever and whenever the mood strikes you. The app is available at no cost to users. Pick a song from the options and appreciate it.

Do you enjoy rock? Launch the rock category, then search for the artists and songs that are your favorites. Love chanson? Look in this particular category.

There are examples of music from every era here, from decades-old standards to the most recent hits of contemporary pop. Because new songs are added to the collection on Fridays of each week, using this app will never get tedious for you.

Include the songs that you like most in your list of favorites. Activate the feature to play music in a certain sequence, turn off background movies, and do other actions. This software offers a wide range of functionalities. The app is available at no cost to users.

Discover fresh music by looking through recently released albums and albums from up-and-coming artists. If you purchase a subscription, you will be granted access to additional features. You will, for instance, be able to see history, have access to favorite songs, delete movies from karaoke, and have access to a more broad repertoire of songs.

Karaoke may be enjoyed without restrictions when a weekly, monthly, or quarterly membership is connected to the device.


Smule is an app that focuses on music and has a social component in the form of the ability to communicate with other users who have similar interests.

This application is useful for analyzing the voice data of all of the group’s members as well as demonstrating your own skills with the in-app instruments. There are two ways to perform vocal parts: either on your own or with a partner (sometimes known as a “duet”).

There are several hundred pieces of music that are available for licensing that are well-known to the general public and have made significant contributions to the business.

The makers of the application ensure that the music catalogs are kept up to date. Utilization of the fundamental tools is straightforward. Increasing the loudness of the voice will make the vocals seem more balanced in comparison to the whole music mix.

Altering the pitch or timbre of one’s voice is one of the many filters available. Because of this function, the computer will simulate the human voice using a wide variety of tones and sounds that are not typical.

It is reasonable to assume that by displaying the user’s voice data, the application will be able to win over a large number of supporters.


People who are really passionate about karaoke will enjoy using the Singa app. You will be able to sing whenever you want and wherever you go as a result of having it. This page features a diverse collection of tunes for your listening pleasure.

You may listen to music from any period, any genre, and any performer in this section. It’s up to you whether you listen to rock, rap, pop, chanson, jazz, outdated standards, or brand new music. Karaoke may be enjoyed on any device.

Karaoke is a joyful activity that may be enjoyed in the company of good friends or it can be done by oneself as a means to hone one's vocal talents. Some people believe that in order to do this, you have to travel to a specialized facility that has all of the appropriate tools.

A video of high quality prevents the backdrop video from becoming hazy even when viewed on a large screen. Karaoke rooms may also be found in most Singa Bars, where customers can enjoy the sensation of being a celebrity while performing their favorite songs in front of an audience.

You are able to alter the song’s pitch and tailor it to your own singing voice thanks to a particular function. Try searching for music in each category.

The application’s user interface is straightforward, which makes it simple to understand how to make use of it. Because new songs are added to the library on a weekly basis, the app will never run out of recently released music. Download it today for free and start singing karaoke right now.


Using the software known as SingPlay, you are able to sing along with any music and record your own rendition of how you think it should sound.

The application provides users with a diverse selection of options, both in terms of musical style and chronological location. Select the proper category if you are looking for anything related to rap or jazz. You will have access to music from every period, from the venerable old standards to the cutting edge of contemporary pop.

Record either audio or video, then choose the tune you wish to play from the available options. Create a music video to accompany your own cover of a well-known song, then record it. It is recommended that you sing and rehearse a song multiple times before attempting to record it.

You may either make your own changes or add your own. You may also improve the quality of the sound of your music by adding sound effects. Create your own video clips by customizing the video templates that are included in the program.

Discover new listeners using social networks by disseminating the finished tunes there. The program is really easy to use because to its straightforward and well-organized user interface.


iSing is a mobile application designed for those who have a deep passion for singing and want to pursue their singing career from the comfort of their own homes. You will simultaneously have access to a number of the program’s functionalities when you use it.

You also have the ability, using this tool, to record the songs of your favorite musicians in the version that you believe is more beautiful than the original. Make your own meaning out of the tunes. You have the option of creating your own profile and subscribing to other artists’ work.

You may share your own recordings, listen to songs that were made by other users, and make use of a variety of additional services. The program has a wide variety of music genres, so it should be easy for you to locate a track that suits your tastes.

The catalog gets an update once every week. This results in the app continually being updated with new tunes. Because each of the minuses is of a high caliber, you will have the ability to sing joyfully. You have the choice of include the music in either the beginner or the professional version of the package. Choose your difficulty.

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