The 15 Best Free Chess Game Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices

Best Free Chess Game Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices

One of the most well-known and played board games in the whole globe is chess. It is estimated that the game was first played in India around one and a half thousand years ago, and even now, it is considered to be one of the most elegant and complex games ever created. No surprise it has gone digital!

There are already a large number of applications available that let users to play chess against either a human opponent or an AL (artificial intelligence) opponent. It makes no difference whether you are just starting out, if you are an amateur player, or if you are a professional player. Your ability to have fun while playing your favorite game while also improving your playing abilities is something that can be accomplished with the aid of these applications.

symbol for chess play and education, which is widely considered to be the most popular website for chess players, is the company that developed Chess Play & Learn. Over five million individuals from all over the globe make use of it, and there are many different explanations as to why. provides users with everything they might possibly need to develop their gaming talents and put those skills into practice. More than 50,000 different puzzles, in addition to hundreds of interactive lessons and movies, are available for users to learn from.

In addition to this, you have the option of playing against a live opponent or against Al. It is possible to choose one of many various game modes, such as a short game or a lengthy one. This gives you the flexibility to plan your next move over the course of an entire day or restrict yourself to just a few minutes at most.

The mobile application is stunning to look at and provides a variety of styles from which to choose. In addition to it, there are exciting sound effects, both of which contribute to the overall allure of the game. The different functionalities may be found quickly and easily thanks to an interface that is appealing to users.

Chess Play & Learn is without a doubt one of the top applications available for playing the game of chess. It not only gives users the option to play chess, but it also helps them learn how to play chess by providing a plethora of other helpful features in addition to that. The software is available for no cost, although there are in-app purchases that may be made, even if they do not cover all of the essential content. Get it right now and get started on the path to becoming a grandmaster.

Playing Chess with Your Pals

Chess with Friends is designed for playing the traditional board game of chess with friends or even complete strangers. In addition to that, it has a training mode in which you may choose your current skill level and compete against the robot. However, the primary purpose of this software is to play chess in real time, and because of this, there are a variety of extra features that may be used to improve the quality of individual games.

In the first place, there is an in-app chat feature that enables users to boost the morale of their opponent, provide them with a couple of pointers, or, alternatively, brag about their good plays. Then there is a ranking system, which provides the incentive to play chess more often so that you may surpass all of your other friends and become the champion! Additionally, it is possible to add friends by linking to one’s account via Facebook.

Overall, the software delivers all of the required tools for engaging in an enjoyable and amusing game of chess with friends in a style that is both fun and exciting. The capability of playing many games at the same time is yet another unique aspect of this platform. Simply download the app, and you may get started playing your very first game of chess right away.

symbol for free chess play

It is generally agreed that this particular Android app is the greatest chess game available. The Chess Free software is best used in a local setting; you are unable to engage in internet play with this application; nevertheless, you and a buddy may play the game by taking turns passing each other’s smartphones.

This software is the greatest option for you if you want to disconnect from technology every once in a while. It has a robust gaming engine that is capable of challenging even the most skilled gamers. You have a choice between 12 distinct levels and several game options, such as the quantity of clues that are accessible. One other intriguing component of the game is a specific tip that indicates which figure you should choose for your next move but does not provide instructions for doing so.

The pleasure of playing chess with AL is made much more enjoyable with Chess Free. Even though there is no cost, there are nearly no commercials that are annoying. The design is fairly straightforward. There are eight different chess boards and various different sets of chess pieces that you may pick from. If you believe that it is best to hone your skills on a computer before engaging in a real fight, then you should download this software as soon as possible and get started accumulating some valuable experience.

SparkChess is free to use.


SparkChess is a chess game that was created by Media Division SRL, and if you are a genuine chess enthusiast, you should certainly give it a try.

Therefore, after you have started using the application, it will provide you with the following choices:

Learn enables users to learn how to play chess via a series of built-in courses.

Playing against computer opponents can help you improve your game of chess.

The Challenge mode allows you to play games and compete against your friends online.

You will have access to more than 30 different courses inside the program, and you will also be able to practice on the chess problems that are included. Users are provided with in-depth instructions on how to play chess by the integrated chess coach.

You always have the option to save a game batch, replay it, or reverse the actions while you are playing. Altering the chessboard to your liking is also an option, should you so want.

SparkChess adjusts to your current level of expertise, allowing you to choose whether you want to play ordinary, rapid, or expert games.

Moving on, the program has built-in statistics that provide users with the ability to constantly monitor their progress and maintain tabs on how well they are doing. In addition, the application allows for the import and export of batches using the PGN file format.

All things considered, SparkChess is going to be suitable for a wide variety of users, from amateurs all the way up to professionals.

Toon Clash: The Chess Match!

Toon Clash Chess2Toon Clash Chess enables players to enter the wondrous realm of Playville, where they may improve their chess abilities while having a great time.

The program has stunning 3D visuals, original characters, and vibrant animations that are sure to engage and entertain users of all backgrounds and preferences.

The 15 Best Free Chess Game Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices

After you have successfully begun playing the game, you will have access to a number of different settings (game boards), such as the Magic Tree, the Forest, and Playville. After that, you need to decide whether you want to play for the black squad or the white side going forward.

There are two different game play styles available in Toon Clash Chess. In the first one, you may choose a favorite team and compete against computer-controlled opponents. Users will soon have the opportunity to play with their loved ones or friends in a mode called “two-player.”

Moving on, you also have the option of selecting the appropriate difficulty level for you, which ranges from Easy to Normal to Master. Whenever they desire throughout the game, players may always utilize the integrated tips or undo actions that have been provided for them.

Deep Chess


Have you ever wished that you could have a decent level of chess without having to spend a lot of time studying various strategies and combinations? If so, this article is for you. If that’s the case, this software is just what you need.

The meticulous effort put in by the program’s creators has resulted in the program’s ability to support the worldwide rules of the game of chess. The application provides choices such as:

a fruitful system consisting of twenty levels, ranging from novice all the way up to grand master

the capability to display all available alternatives for the movement of a distinct taken figure when a finger is pressed and held on that figure.

interacting with a computer and providing the player with the option to choose their desired degree of artificial intelligence.

improvement of the player’s critical thinking skills as well as the resolution of over four hundred unique challenges posed by the game

Deep Chess – Training Partner is a tool that may benefit players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans, since it allows users to do game analysis and keeps app data in an accurate and up-to-date manner.

Icon of the game of Chess

One additional software for the Android platform is called Real Chess. The fact that it features stunning 3D visuals is the primary justification for include it on our list. The game known as Real Chess is played online. Because more than a million individuals make use of it, there are quite a few potential adversaries to consider.

Because players are able to converse with one another while playing, games have grown more participatory and entertaining. Because there is no need to register, all that is necessary to get started is to download the app and start playing! In addition to playing against other people online, there is also a training mode that has an incredible 2400 levels. When you play with Al, you have the option to utilize suggestions if you find yourself in a challenging scenario.

As was said before, one of the app’s major strengths is undoubtedly its user interface design. You have the option of switching the theme, and you may enjoy playing chess with some very stunning images! You may quickly disable the 3D mode if you find the 2D boards more convenient. Download this lovely software right now in order to have a fun time playing chess!

Take a go at Magnus Chess.

play magnus icon

The title of World Chess Champion now belongs to Magnus Carlsen. He is recognized for his unconventional approach to the game of chess and has won all three different types of chess championships. Attempt to win against Magnus in. Enjoy a game of chess with the Magnus Chess app, which has a powerful chess engine.

In addition to allowing you to play chess, the app also has a training mode that will test your skills with challenges that have been authorized by Magnus Carlsen. You may also get familiar with all the most recent chess news and acquire some intriguing information on the current World Chess Champion.

The design of the application has a lot of atmosphere, which gives the feeling that the user is really interacting with Magnus Carlsen. There are no costs associated with playing Magnus. You may obtain it right now and immediately begin training with the most skilled grandmaster in the whole globe.

iChess is an application that offers chess problems.

symbol for iChess

Because the iChess app does not have a real game mode, you will not be able to compete against a live opponent or with artificial intelligence (AL). iChess is not like other chess programs; rather, it is designed to help users solve chess problems. It is rather useful if you don’t want to spend your time on a complete game since you can simply crack a few of chess problems, which are, by the way, drawn from genuine contests. If you want to learn more about chess, visit this website.

The program gives users the option to choose from three different difficulty levels: regular, advanced, and master. Because an internet connection is not necessary, you are free to play the game even when you are not in a location that offers WiFi. The application may also be used as a tool for evaluating games; users can solve their own puzzles and submit PGN files to use in the program. Additionally, hints are offered for you.

Although the iChess app is free to download and use, in order to have access to the most current chess championship problems, you will need to pay a fee. Download the app right now to start making the most of the time you have on your hands, since this is a function that is provided free of charge.


lichess iconlichess provides everything a person could want or need! You may pick from a variety of games that are similar to chess and play them online or with artificial intelligence (AL), analyze games and solve problems, and much more. The amazing part about the app is that it can be downloaded totally free of charge and does not include any advertisements. It now has more than 150,000 members, but every day there are new people signing up (who knows, maybe you will be the next one!).

Lichesc places a primary emphasis on its online mode and provides a number of interesting elements that are tied to it. It also includes competitions, rankings, and statistical information. In addition, you are able to play not only traditional chess with the varieties that are considered to be conventional, but also antiques, crazy house, racing kings, and other games. You may learn more about alternative games that can be played using chess by downloading lichess.

Professional Chess Tactics (Puzzles)

master of chess strategy icon

Another program that helps you solve problems is called Chess Tactics Pro. It is a really productive way to spend time. Make sure you have one of these applications, and you won’t have to worry about becoming bored ever again. The program has a variety of different difficulty levels, ranging from novice to expert. In addition to that, it is equipped with an ELO system, based on which different problems will be selected for you personally. Additionally, your level of advancement is taken into account.

There is almost no chance that you will run out of riddles since brand new problems are added every single day. There is, however, a reliable offline package available. The layout is simple and intuitive, with no buttons that may cause confusion. You can solve chess puzzles as soon as you download this app for free and start using it straight away.

Chess for Your Pocket

pocketchess2 Players have the opportunity to improve their chess abilities while playing Pocket Chess.

After you have the application up and running, you are immediately able to begin playing it. The program includes a large number of levels, ranging from the simplest to the most difficult ones. These levels may be played in any order.

You may see a list of all completed and unfinished levels by clicking the button that is situated in the upper left corner of the display.

In the event that you are unable to complete a level, you have the option to either go through it again or make use of the built-in tips. However, you will need to pay money in order to utilize these suggestions. After successfully finishing each level, you will be rewarded with coins.


Individuals in the current world might have quite different tastes in terms of the kind of sports they want to participate in. Some people prefer cerebral activity, while others favor physical action.

The game of chess is featured prominently in the second. CheSScan is the finest item for you to have if you want to increase your gaming skills and talents.

The 15 Best Free Chess Game Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices

The app is a great treasure trove, not just for sports enthusiasts but also for sportsmen who compete professionally. The usefulness carries the possibility of things like:

the examination of the placements of all of the chess pieces on the board in conjunction with the determination of the likelihood of a certain move

selection of all tournament slots based on reasonable criteria.

The opportunity to play almost every hole over again, with the goal of correcting any strategic errors that may have been made and boosting one’s chances of winning.

accessibility of a comprehensive report detailing all of the games played by users

the capability of sharing games that have been the most successful with one’s pals

To summarize, it is important to point out that using this application may considerably improve your logical abilities in addition to your chess skills.

The Light Chess Set


Something novel and out of the ordinary to take a look at the game of chess from a different perspective. This game will be fun for both experienced players and those who are just starting out. When you start playing the game for the first time, you’ll have the option to choose a difficulty level and start learning how to play.

The strategy game Chess Light is one of a kind since it uses chess moves as the solutions to the puzzles. It boasts a slick and uncluttered user interface that does not divert attention away from the primary activity, which is playing chess. In addition, you will get instructions on how to use the app before you begin playing the game.

Although it does not have a particularly large number of additional capabilities, the chess app is rather good. It is helpful to have it on your phone in case of instances, such as when you need to make the time pass rapidly and merely being back to it at certain moments. Having it on your phone is handy. Aside from that, it’s a simple program, so using it won’t be an issue under any circumstances.

Dr. Wolf will teach you the game of chess.


And last but not least, we come to an app that is rather intriguing and has an odd name. You should be able to deduce from this that you are going to be paired with an experienced player who will serve as both your instructor and your companion as you learn how to play chess.

The creation of a chess software such as this is truly a pretty fascinating choice, and in addition to that, using it genuinely makes you feel as if you are competing against another person.

The program has a very typical user interface, taking into consideration all of its features. Don’t count on any special features; even if they were included, the concept itself would be unique.

Chess is the only game that can be played here, and you can also learn how to play. That may potentially be of great assistance to those individuals who are just learning how to play chess and who learn best when the rules are being explained to them by another person.

As soon as you begin your training, you will become aware of all the appropriate strategies and advantageous movements that may be made on the board. After that, you will begin your practice. It will not cost you anything for Dr. Wolf to play with you throughout the first three rounds of the game. You will, however, be required to pay a monthly membership fee in order to have full access to the game’s features.

Chess Conquest

chessconquest2Chess Conquest is a chess game that mixes a fascinating tale with tough tasks, which will keep the player occupied for a significant amount of time. chessconquest2Chess Conquest is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Users begin each new gaming round with a set of chess positions on the board that are entirely unique to that round. As a result, players will have the ability to think of fresh gaming tactics each time, which will help make each game fascinating and distinctive in its own right.

Users are urged to just play chess and are not provided with any further facts or a history in the majority of other chess games. Having said that, this particular game has both an actual tale and a role-playing framework.

In addition, the producers of the game decided to incorporate a leaderboard in order to ramp up the level of excitement. Users are able to effortlessly compete with one another because to this feature.

The visuals in the game are of a very high caliber. During the course of the game, there is also an engaging music. In addition, players have the ability to observe and choose from a variety of characters while playing the game.

One other essential feature of this game is that different levels have varying degrees of difficulty. Users are able to simply start again or edit anything in the notes even as they are playing the actual game of chess.

In conclusion, these are some of the most impressive chess applications available. Your ability to play better may be improved with their assistance regardless of where you are in the world.

What a wonderful age we are living in! Please let us know if you are aware of a chess application that should be on this list but is not currently included in it. We hope that your future games will be more engaging and difficult. Increase the frequency with which you checkmate your opponents and make astute decisions while selecting applications.

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