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male plastic surgery

What kinds of outcomes may men hope for after undergoing cosmetic surgery? gynecomastia surgery hair transplant neurotoxins eyelid surgery liposuction neck lift eyelid surgery gynecomastia surgery hair transplant

The top cosmetic surgery facility is located in New York, and it specializes in male plastic surgery. We are here to help you in attaining the beauty that you want via the use of cosmetic treatments.

Male plastic surgery may assist men who would want to enhance their looks by restoring their appearance and making them seem much younger with procedures such as facelifts and pec augmentations.

Plastic surgery for male patients Eyelid regeneration · Neck lift · Rhinoplasty (nose job) · Enhancement of the chin Liposuction · Gynecomastia, or the decrease of male breast tissue…

Do you have an interest in male cosmetic surgery? A variety of cosmetic procedures, including those for the face, chest, body, and skin, are available for male patients at Dr. DiBello’s practice.

According to Cosmetic Surgeons, These Are the 13 Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery That Men Get. From brow lifts to dermal fillers, these are some of the most common questions that males ask…

In addition to reshaping their bodies, men are paying attention to the appearance of their faces and necks. This covers procedures such as the reduction of male breast tissue, liposuction, and…


Dr. Brian Glatt, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey who specializes in male patients, provides a range of operations to his male patients, including male breast reduction and stomach tuck surgery,…

male plastic surgery

Surgical Procedures on Men

At DiBello Plastic Surgery, we get a lot of questions from male patients regarding how they might improve their appearance. Obviously, guys may have certain goals in mind when it comes to the demands they have for cosmetic surgery. Their objectives may include achieving a more proportionate nose, revitalizing their face, or reducing their waistline. Dr. Joseph DiBello is aware that in order for these operations to be successful, it is necessary to take into account essential aspects such as the depth of the patient’s skin, the length of the beard, and their body type.

It is imperative that you inform your doctor if you are interested in achieving a more masculine appearance for your facial features, despite the fact that cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and facial-implant surgery are carried out in essentially the same manner for both men and women.

The preservation or restoration of masculine traits, such as a chin with superior projection, more pronounced cheekbones, or a stronger nose, is just as essential to us as it is to our male clients. Your objectives become our goals, as is the case with all of our customers, and we obtain the best possible outcome for each person through consistency and skill, qualities that have helped us become a center for cosmetic surgery that is often recommended to both men and women.

Although you may notice that our website does not feature before-and-after photographs of Dr. DiBello’s work, you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to review our library of photographs during your personal consultation at our office. Even though you may have noticed that our website does not feature before-and-after photographs of Dr. DiBello’s work, you can rest assured that you will have this opportunity. These pictures will give you a better idea of the sorts of outcomes that are feasible after undergoing the operation (or procedures) that you are contemplating.

At DiBello Plastic Surgery, we recognize the unique requirements of males and have made it our mission to restore the manly curves of a man’s physique in addition to enhancing his entire sense of self-worth and image of himself. Dr. DiBello provides a comprehensive range of cosmetic surgery procedures that are tailored to the needs of males, including the following:

Facelift for Men

The lower two-thirds of the face may be given a more youthful appearance with the help of a facelift that is tailored to the patient’s needs by tightening, elevating, and removing extra skin as well as reshaping the jawline. When doing facelifts on male patients, Dr. Dibello always makes it his top focus to produce a result that is natural and manly rather than one that appears “overdone.” When doing facelifts on male patients, Dr. DiBello often combines the procedure with procedures for neck lifts in order to ensure optimum regeneration of the face and neck area.

male plastic surgery

Male Eyelid Surgery

The impression of weariness or discontentment might be unintentionally created by upper eyelids that are droopy and heavy in addition to under-eye bags. You may achieve a transformation that seems subtle and natural by eliminating any extra skin and either removing or shifting fat deposits with an eyelid lift procedure. This will smooth up the region around your eyes. The consequence of male eyelid surgery that is carried out by a surgeon who is knowledgeable in the intricacies of male eyelid surgery is a look that is more young, refreshed, and active.

A Lift for Men’s Brows

When an aging forehead droops and generates heaviness in the upper eyelids, or when the brow loses its young, expressive form, a brow lift that is individualized to your needs may deliver the results that you are searching for. A brow lift for men may provide a renewed look that better matches your young energy by removing wrinkles from the forehead skin and elevating the eyebrows to a position that is more natural to their youthful appearance.

Male Neck Lift

Jowling, skin laxity along the jawline, a double chin, and/or loose neck skin may all contribute to the appearance of aging by distorting the manly angles of your jaw and neck. This can make you seem older. The good news is that these issues may be properly treated with a procedure called a male neck lift. Dr. DiBello can lift, smooth, tighten, and better define the lines of your chin, jawline, and neck using modern methods and, in certain instances, liposuction sculpting. The outcomes of these procedures will have the appearance of being completely natural.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men Including Dermal Fillers and Botox

Injectable dermal fillers and BOTOX Cosmetic for men have the ability to temporarily restore lost face volume and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and deep creases. Dr. DiBello is able to zero in on particular problem areas and restore a more youthful look by using a wide range of injectable treatments and materials. Through the use of these cutting-edge procedures, he strives to provide men with a face rejuvenation that looks completely natural on them.

male plastic surgery

Male liposuction (liposculpture)

Liposuction is sometimes a good method for eliminating extra fat and sculpting the look of a man’s waist, flanks, chest, chin, and neck in order to give the illusion of being leaner, thinner, and more toned. Dr. DiBello can create a highly individualized treatment plan for liposuction that is focused at attaining your aesthetic objectives and ideal proportions, regardless of whether fat deposits form as a consequence of aging, as a result of heredity, or as a result of variations in hormone levels.

Breast reduction surgery on men

Individuals who suffer from gynecomastia may find that liposuction and other specialized treatments for the removal of tissue may be helpful approaches for getting satisfactory outcomes with male breast reduction. Dr. DiBello is able to devise a treatment plan that will result in a chest that is smoother, more toned, and seems to have a more manly aspect. The appearance of male breasts may be caused by an excess of breast tissue or fat, or it might be the result of a mix of the two.

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