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Here’s a complete guide to online business degrees. This guide covers everything you need to know about online business degrees, from program types to career options.

We’ll dispel some myths about online business degrees and show you why getting your degree online can be better than attending a brick-and-mortar school.

Whether you’re researching options or ready to apply, this guide will help you make the best decision for your future.

Want an affordable business degree? We’ve researched 64 great out-of-state programs with excellent learning opportunities, degree reputations, and salary projections.

Find the best online business degree courses to meet your needs and budget, whether you want a general business education or a specialization. Find online business degrees here.

Online business schools
Many colleges offer online business degrees, making it difficult to choose. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest online business schools. Find your school.

Anderson Institution is a private, academically-focused university in Anderson, South Carolina. The institution was founded on Christian ideals and is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Its faculty aims to reflect such beliefs. AU’s bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Some programs are online since 2010.

Anderson University’s online BBA is ideal for working people looking to advance. The curriculum teaches management, HR, project management, etc. The online BBA is a great preparation for an MBA (MBA).

Management B.S.B.A.

Appalachian State University offers a BSBA in Management online. This degree gives students the business knowledge and abilities they need to lead firms in a dynamic, competitive global environment. This involves attracting and retaining exceptional people and aligning their actions with strategic goals. Effective managers need leadership, interpersonal, and group dynamics abilities, which management majors learn.

Full-time enrollment takes two years to complete. Part-time enrollment will take 4.5 years. You may complete the homework whenever, whenever. This program targets Business Management, Corporate Investment Banking, Data Analysts, and Project Consultants. The program is Fall or Spring. Priority admission date for Fall courses is April 1, with a final deadline of July 1. Priority deadline for Spring is September 1, final deadline is January 1.

Business BA online

Since 2006, Arizona State University has offered working folks flexible and affordable online education. Online BA in Business Administration students are taught by the same professors as on-campus students. All online courses are pre-recorded to provide students flexibility. All online students have access to ASU’s eight award-winning libraries, a tens of thousands-strong alumni network, and a community of other degree-seeking students.

Rolling application deadline, $530 per credit. 44,579 persons take online courses annually. Arizona State University ranks #6 in Best Online Bachelor Program in the U.S. The online BA in Business Administration comprises of 41 courses (7.5 weeks each) and 120 credit hours. Working folks who require flexibility will love it.


At Ball State University, students in the online Bachelor of Business Administration Program will learn Strong business knowledge across a variety of business disciplines, such as finance, accounting, management, operations, etc.; Effective oral and written communication skills; Sound ethical awareness in the business environment; The ability to be a valuable team member and effective integration of business knowledge and skills so students can effectively solve problems. Full-time or part-time online enrollment gives working folks more freedom. All Ball State University courses use the LMS Canvas and cost $543/credit.

Online students are taught by the same staff as on-campus students. They provide tutoring, library, instructors, tech support, and more. They can even get a Ball State ID. Ball State University ranks #29 in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor Programs. Apply whenever you’re ready; there’s no deadline. 1800 students take online courses per semester. AACSB accredits all courses.

Management and Technology Bachelor’s

Since 2001, Bowling Green State University has offered an online BS in Management and Technology. Flexibility is crucial, thus BGSU offers six distinct course start dates throughout the year. If one month works better, use it. In-state and out-of-state students pay $390 each credit. Each session lasts seven weeks, so you may complete the program in 24-30 months. HLC approves all courses.

Online students will use Blackboard, live class sessions, pre-recorded sessions, online forums, and more. Bowling Green University prepares all students for lifelong personal and professional development, active citizenship, and global leadership. Online degrees are difficult without flexibility. BGSU’s streamlined admissions procedure allows you to get your BS in Management and Technology faster.

Management B.A.

At California Baptist University, an online BA in Business Administration Management may be completed in 16 months. #52 top online bachelor’s program by U.S. BBA students will use Blackboard, WebEx, and Jabber. Professors decide which software to use. Some pupils utilize many apps. As an online student, you’ll receive 24/7 live coaching and flexible course scheduling.

All online courses at California Baptist University are pre-recorded, enabling you to pick the time and schedule. Students will learn how to lead successful company transformation, build small business concepts, and manage productive teams. CBU prepares students of all faiths and backgrounds for professions and lifestyles shaped by Lasallian principles of religion, service, and community.

Business administration bachelor’s

Central Washington University’s goal since 1891 has been to prepare students for enlightened, responsible, and productive lives, produce research, scholarship, and creative expression in the public interest, and serve as a regional and state resource through effective stewardship of university resources. Since 2011, this mission has continued online.

Business Administration students might graduate in the Fall, Spring, or Summer. Spring application deadline is late February. Summer applications are due in June. The application date for Winter is early December. Fall applications must be submitted by late August. It takes 5-6 semesters to finish the curriculum at your own speed. AACSB accredits all program courses. Only a few classes are synchronous. Online classes have 25-30 people.

Business administration bachelor’s

City University of Seattle, founded in 1973, began offering web-based programs in 2001. Seattle University offers 43 online certifications, associate degrees, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees. CUS has 1,819 online bachelor’s students, according US News. Unless they start in July, incoming students will begin school on October 1, 2020.

Students may view videos, read course materials, and engage with instructors and classmates through Blackboard. Online students study in Seattle, Canada, or at partner institutions. CUS is one of the friendliest colleges for mid-career professionals, with an average age of 37. CUS aims to provide results-focused education. That implies success relies on doing, not remembering. CUS academics are professionally engaged. CUS’s AACSB-accredited business school stresses global perspective, communication, and sustainability. It’s one of the first schools to provide AI-focused business courses. The BSBA needs 45 courses. Full-time students might graduate in three or four years due to the quarter system. “We are one of the finest universities in Washington state at getting students to finish,” says School of Business and Management Dean Scott Carnz.

Management BSBA

Online learning at Clarion University of Pennsylvania is simple with D2L or Brightspace. Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management students will get the same transformational, lifelong learning opportunities as conventional students via innovative, globally acclaimed programs provided in inclusive, student-centered settings. Since 2003, online students may participate.

Online students have access to pre-recorded courses. All courses are asynchronous, so you may work when, where, and for how long you choose. You may apply at any time. $347 per credit. 759 students take online courses per semester. Clarion University is #39 in Best Online Bachelor Programs, according US News & World Report. Clarion University has the most program accreditations in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Business management bachelor’s

Colorado State University offers a BS in Business Management online. U.S. Colorado State University’s online bachelor’s program ranks 11th. AACSB-accredited schools teach students how business unit integration affects decision making in global enterprises. The curriculum may be completed in 2 years and each credit costs $381. Classes aren’t scheduled, luckily.

You can take courses when, where, and how you choose. Since 2008, when online courses began, CSU has been committed to advancing student success in a global society, investing in human capital, expanding the state economy, and enhancing the quality of life for Coloradans and beyond by providing access to dynamic degree programs characterized by academic excellence, innovative delivery technologies, and strong stakeholder engagement. Using Canvas, online B.S. in Business Management students will participate in interactive lectures, textual materials, videos, critical thinking tasks, and other exercises/assignments.

BS in OM

Concordia University Chicago was founded in 1864 in Chicago’s River Forest. It provides online bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA degrees. The institution has 284 online bachelor’s students and 164 online MBA students.

On August 24, students averaging 22 will begin school. A bachelor’s degree takes four years. Online students and teachers have tools that promote creative video creation and live lecture streaming, according to the institution. Classes are recorded online. CUC fosters honors and graduate cooperation. “Student-centered” teaching is emphasized. AACSB-accredited BA in OM requires 128 credits. This degree stresses corporate culture and leadership. Graduates will be able to “apply functional business domains to organizational challenges,” grasp global market ramifications, and adopt ethical business practices. CUC’s College of Business attracts Chinese students from a partner school in Shijiazhuang, China. “Our students flourish in and out of the classroom, obtaining practical and theoretical knowledge,” says College of Business Dean Claudia Santin.

Business BA

Concordia University in Wisconsin is near Mequon, a few miles from Milwaukee. Concordia College amalgamated with Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2012. The AACSB-accredited BA in Business Management is one of 92 online degrees and certifications. 2019 saw 1442 online Concordia students. The school promotes Christian religion and service in addition to critical thinking.

Class of 2024 begins on August 24. In four years, they’ll take 40 semester courses. 29.2% of Concordia’s students are above 34, while the average age is 24. Online lessons may be taken from anywhere with an internet connection. Others are cohort-based. Hybrid courses are available at nine Wisconsin regional locations. Online students have an online adviser. Business and health students are encouraged to cross-pollinate. The business school says it “incubates” student and community-directed startups. The institution supports several learning methods. “The finest feeling is when a student says they couldn’t complete their degree because they found a job so fast. We helped them migrate to online since it was one of the first fully online degrees, says business school professor Dr. Kenneth Harris.

Business BA

Cornerstone University has offered online Christ-centered education since 2006. Students who want a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Leadership may graduate in 46 credits. Using real-world application, hands-on experiences (even online), and exceptional instructors, B.S. Company Administration and Leadership prepares you for careers in PR, finance, and small business administration with a Christian perspective.

Each online credit costs $450 via Cornerstone University’s LMS. 95% of grads can get a job, which is a positive indicator. Cornerstone University is winning. When applying, remember that the deadline is rolling. CU is devoted to equipping men and women to succeed as Christ-centered influencers by providing a student-focused learning environment. U.S. News ranks Cornerstone’s online bachelor’s program #66.

Leadership B.S.

Creighton’s degrees are rooted on academic achievement, Jesuit principles, and interdisciplinary teaching. Online Bachelor of Science in Leadership students learn ethics, logistics, economics, and philosophy to become effective communicators, creative leaders, and social justice advocates. This accelerated online curriculum is ideal for any adult student who desires to lead in their business. This flexible curriculum works with your schedule.

Each course may be finished in 8 weeks. Creighton University makes online master’s degrees easy. They provide an accelerated master’s/bachelor’s curriculum. U.S. News & World Report ranked Creighton University #48 for best online bachelor program in 2020. Rolling application deadline, $470 per credit, 112 students every semester.

Business administration bachelor’s

Drexel University’s online Business Administration program costs $513 per credit and educates students to all functional areas of business, strengthening quantitative knowledge and global business abilities. Business Administration courses help students to think and communicate effectively and to grasp economic, social, and legal systems. This program allows working adults to attend online courses with flexibility.

Prerecorded classes enable you to attend any course anytime, wherever, and however long you choose. Courses educate students to become a Business Analyst, Commercial Loan Officer, Sale Manager, Human Resource Manager, Financial Manager, or Market Research Analyst. Drexel University has 1600 online students every semester. Apply by Aug. 26. Drexel University’s online bachelor’s program is ranked #99 by U.S. News & World Report. Getting your MBA is affordable, reliable, and flexible.


AACSB-accredited online BBA programs provide the same quality education as conventional programs. If you’re a transfer student, being an online learner at Eastern Kentucky University lets you complete your degree quicker. Eastern Kentucky University offers a BBA online in eight weeks. EKU has six start times throughout the year to accommodate your schedule.

U.S. Eastern Kentucky University’s online bachelor’s program is ranked #58. This curriculum teaches students how to lead and enhance companies of all sizes. At Eastern Kentucky University, online students get the same professors as conventional students. Each BBA student receives a specialized adviser to assist plan out their academic trajectory.

Aviation business administration bachelor’s

In 1925, T. Embry, Riddle. Embry-Riddle was one of the original five U.S. flight schools approved in 1925. In 1930, AVCO dissolved the flying school and Embry departed the company to retire. Riddle created three aircraft enterprises, one in Biscayne Bay with John McKay. Embry-Riddle Aviation School. WWII pilots and mechanics trained there. The seaplane base was all-female throughout the war. After WWII, it was one of the first to accept G.I.Bill veterans. Embry-Riddle became a university in 1968. It employs virtual classrooms and laboratories to promote hands-on learning. A new eUnion virtual community lets students, professors, and staff join organizations and participate from anywhere. The university ranks fourth in U.S. N&WR.

The BS in Aviation Business Administration helps students succeed in the profession. Economics, Business Statistics & Accounting, and Human Resources are taught. The 12-month program combines aviation and business strategy. Aviation, aerospace, and military experience on faculty. Graduation requires 120 credits. Along with the online campus, there are campuses in Asia, Florida, and Arizona.


Florida Atlantic University’s alumni have been served since 1964. The institution started with 867 students and today has over 30,000. FAU launched online degrees in 2011. These programs are designed and taught by the same professors as on campus, and courses are recorded and available anytime.

FAU’s online school offers a BBA in Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Hospitality & Tourism Management. Admission may involve pre-requisites and additional courses. This online bachelor’s degree follows the same curriculum and requirements as its on-campus equivalent. Online grads may celebrate their hard work by walking across the stage at graduation.

Management BBA

FIU has accepted students since 1965. FIU’s 11 campuses and main campus in Miami, FL provide over 200 degree programs in person and over 60 online that provide World Ahead possibilities. FIU is Miami’s first and only public research university, solving some of the community’s biggest problems.

FIU is ranked #2 by U.S. News for international business undergraduates. Report’s International Business Program. They’re devoted to high-quality teaching at FIU, cutting-edge research, creative activities, and community involvement. The BBA online program is offered every Fall, Spring, and Summer. Next class is May 11. To enrol for the online course, you must have completed all the pre-core, the Common preparatory course, and earned a C or above in the pre-core.

Business administration bachelor’s

Online degrees shouldn’t be difficult. Indiana University makes it easy to acquire a BSBA. Classes are taught by Indiana University academics and are adaptable to fit your schedule. Since 2008, Indiana University has offered online students the same great education as in a conventional environment. Most courses are pre-recorded, so you may view lectures whenever you want. Rolling admissions should be noted. $331 per credit.

According to IU, students in this program will “learn to work effectively as a member and a leader in team problem-solving and decision-making situations, incorporating the perspectives and contributions of individuals from diverse groups to create inclusive work environments, and employing multiple mediums of communication in a variety of business settings.”

Business BA

Since 1865, Kansas State University’s objective has been to nurture exceptional teaching, research, and service to generate highly competent and educated citizens for Kansas, the country, and the world. Since 2015, online learning has followed this philosophy. Kansas State University’s LMS, Canvas, makes obtaining a BBA easy. Most courses at Kansas State University are asynchronous, so you may organize class and study time around the rest of your day.

The application deadline is rolling, so apply whenever you’re ready. Kansas State’s AACSB-accredited online courses have 450 students and cost $436/credit. How do you know you’re receiving value? Statistics show… Kansas State University ranks #58 in U.S. News & World Report’s top online bachelor’s degrees. Knowing this, you may trust that the money you spend will help you pursue your ambitions.

Business administration bachelor’s

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program emphasizes analysis and communication, theory and practice, influenced by global business demands. Ethics, morals, technological efficiency, and responsibility are stressed. Online courses need flexibility. Every online course at Kentucky Wesleyan University is pre-recorded, so you may watch lectures whenever you choose.

This saves you time since you don’t have to spend a specific amount of time studying each day; you may spend an hour, 30 minutes, or as long you choose. All courses are taught from a biblical viewpoint, preparing students academically, spiritually, and physically for success. Kentucky Wesleyan University’s online LMS, D2L, or Brightspace is used for courses, lectures, quizzes, etc. Most individuals want to spend their money wisely, and you can be sure it is. U.S. Kentucky Wesleyan University ranks #80 in the U.S. for finest online bachelor’s degrees.

BS or BA in Business Management

Lee University has offered online courses since 2012. In Lee University’s online BS and BA programs, students build applicable technical and clinical skills and analytical problem-solving abilities for conventional and non-traditional contexts. Lee University online students save on tuition. Traditional tuition is 50% higher. Lee University cuts online tuition in half for in-state and out-of-state students.

This program enrolls 894 online students every semester. Brightspace, Blackboard, Canvas, or another LMS is used for classes. It relies on instructors’ systems. If you can’t apply until later in the year, that’s acceptable. Lee University realizes that online students want flexibility. All sessions are self-paced and on your schedule. The program requires 123 credits at $259/credit. Lee University’s online bachelor programs rank #66 in the U.S. Reports.

Management B.A.

Loyola University Chicago provides more than 80 undergraduate and 140 graduate programs to its 17,000 yearly students. Students may attend programs on one of six Chicago campuses or one in Rome, or online. Since 1998, Loyola University has offered recognized online degree programs (HLC).

The eight-week fast-track BA in Management is one example. Students may enroll at any of the five admission periods and study courses online, on campus, or both. The online curriculum teaches students how to manage, communicate, and take initiative in a professional context, generating new leaders. This fast-track BA is excellent for anybody juggling job, life, and education.

Business administration bachelor’s

Lynn University’s $300/credit innovative, global, individualized education helps students reach their potential. The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will assist students advance their careers. Students may work with national or regional firms, giving them hands-on experience. Students study general management, financial reporting, decision-making, economics, strategy, project management, and computer skills.

The application deadline is rolling, so you may apply whenever you’re ready for online courses. Due to the nature of online courses, all Lynn University BBA students may take asynchronous courses. Students may attend lessons whenever, wherever they wish. Lynn University uses Blackboard, Brightspace, or Canvas for online coursework, examinations, and quizzes. Fall and spring semesters have classes.


McKendree University, founded in 1828 in Lebanon, Illinois, offers 5 online undergraduate degrees and a sixth in supply chain management in 2020. 491 students study online entirely, while 559 attend online and on-ground courses. On August 24, 2020, 20-year-old freshman will begin courses. Baccalaureate degrees need 40 courses over four years. Online majors may not need campus residence, while some do.

Diversity, social responsibility, problem-solving, and lifelong learning are emphasized. The Active Learning Center was developed to encourage student cooperation. McKendree’s study abroad and field excursions promote creative teaching. Innovations are shared during brown bag lunches. This university’s online courses use the popular platform Blackboard. Open broadcasts, interactive visuals, and animated movies are used online. IACBE-accredited School of Business includes satellite sites at Scott Air Force base and in Radcliffe, Kentucky. McKendree teachers and staff participate in continuing professional development and academic activities to retain their knowledge, provide new material to their subjects, and give current and creative education.

Business, BBA

NAU provides 95 undergraduate degrees, 47 undergraduate certifications, 76 graduate degrees, and 30 graduate certificates. 237 degrees are offered, 65 online. With 31,066 total students every year, 6,304 are online. Seven certificate programs, 18 Bachelor programs, 22 Master programs, one Doctorate program, and 17 Post-Graduate programs are online. NAU is proud to develop future leaders. They lead to a better Arizona and a sustainable world by focusing on student achievement and academic performance.

Whether students attend full-time conventionally or online, the level of education is the same: dedicated professors who want students to make a difference. The online B.S. in Business Administration program was designed for flexibility. The curriculum uses Blackboard, a downloadable software for discussions and lecture viewing. Most courses have no’set time,’ so you work at your own speed. Assignments have due dates. The 120-credit-hour program offers free 24/7 assistance, tutoring, library resources, and more to help students succeed.

Business administration bachelor’s

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA has been student-centered since 1930. This revolutionary learning environment integrates recruiting, engagement, active learning, and student achievement. With 165 degrees, 49 are online.

24,176 students enroll annually, with 6,011 enrolling online. Old Dominion University is known for its academics and research. They financed $50.9 million in external research in 2017 and were granted $49 million more. In addition to research, they provide $2.6 billion to Virginia’s economy each year.

Old Dominion University’s online curriculum makes earning a BSBA in Finance easy. Some lecturers teach live using Google Hangouts/Meet or Zoom. Other courses let you view pre-recorded lectures at your own leisure. Blackboard or ProctorU with Lockdown Browser are used for examinations and quizzes. Students get free Microsoft and GSuite. Some courses are offered in the summer. The nice aspect about online education is that you can still meet with professors virtually, in person for certain courses, or do a combination. Choose and be flexible. ODU offers many online course options.

Business administration bachelor’s

Oregon State University, founded as an academy in 1856, is now a four-year state university with 31 online undergraduate majors, several online certifications, and over 35 minors. The university’s undergraduate Business Administration degree is accessible online and in Portland. Students with a reliable internet connection may acquire an AACSB-accredited Business Administration degree online. 17 nationalities and 48 states sent 1,181 Oregon State Ecampus graduates in 2019. U.S. Oregon State’s online programs are in the top 10 in the U.S. Oregon State may be more comfortable for returning and non-traditional students with a 25-year-old average student age.

Oregon State students beginning on September 23, 2020, will require 180 credits (45 courses) to graduate. The university’s innovative quarter system allows ambitious students to graduate in three years instead of four. Graphic presentations and live-streamed lectures are online learning methods. Oregon State’s business school teaches students to be entrepreneurial and ethical. First-year business students have nicknamed their experience a “innovation nation.” College of Business Dean Jim Coakley advises new students to work hard, stay involved, and give back.

Business Studies BBA

Using Blackboard Collaborate, Pace University students may get their BBA in Business Studies online from home. Pace University has offered online students the same curriculum as regular students since 1999. $555 per credit. You may have course and payment flexibility. Popular payment options include the monthly interest-free plan.

As a BBA in Business Studies student, you have access to career services, the Pace University Library, tutoring, and an IT support desk for online courses. U.S. Pace University ranked #33 for online bachelor’s programs. At Pace University, the professors/faculty are educated to aid you with online learning. Each course is pre-recorded so you may view lectures on your schedule.

Business bachelor’s

James Irvin and Moses Thompson gave 200 acres to the Pennsylvania Agricultural Society in 1855. Penn State was built on property donated by the Society. Agricultural College of Pennsylvania was renamed in 1862. Pennsylvania State College was founded in 1874. Since 2000-2001, the World Campus has offered 35 bachelor’s degrees to 9198 students. Time’s up. The World Campus is tied for 8th in U.S. Report. Archive online courses.

Online Business B.S. Students pick 18 credits to specialize in a particular industry. Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Health Services, Individualized Business Option, and Management and Marketing. 12% of students major in business/commerce. Rolling applications. Graduates need 120 credits. Graduates need 120 credits.

Business administration bachelor’s

Purdue University was founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana. The organization won 13 Nobel Prizes and trained 25 astronauts. Since 2010, the university has offered various bachelor’s degree programs online so students with jobs or other obligations may study at their leisure. Purdue’s online school is one of the finest in the nation, and its degrees are accredited.

Purdue’s online BS in Business Administration is popular. This program covers finance, communication, marketing, management, and other business fundamentals. The curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest business trends and practices. Alumni will learn to listen and think critically to become outstanding leaders.

Business bachelor’s

Since 2005, Regent University has offered online Christian education. Since 1978, Regent University has served as a hub of Christian thinking and activity to prepare Christian leaders to impact the world. Traditional and online students may share this viewpoint. The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree prepares students for careers in management, finance, marketing, and HR. You’ll acquire critical-thinking and ethical decision-making abilities, marketing tactics, and a viable company strategy.

Students may select from seven concentrations. Students in this online program will apply statistical tools and strategies to make strategic choices for enhanced efficiency and production. U.S. Regent University’s online bachelor’s program is ranked #58 by World News & World Report. Course applications are rolling, so apply whenever you can.

Business BA

1920s campus at Camden Waterfront. It started as South Jersey Law School and South Jersey College. The two institutions merged in 1950 to become Rutgers University-Camden. In 1988, Rutgers School of Business-Camden opened. Online bachelor’s programs began in 2014. The deadline for online courses is rolling.

BA in Business Administration. Online-only. Corporate Finance, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Strategic HRM are optional. Popular major. Online Bachelor’s Programs have 405 students. Graduation requires 120 credits. Admission requires 18 credits from a regionally qualified college/university and a 2.50 GPA. Fall, summer, and spring admissions are available, but not winter.


Saint Leo University is one of America’s five major Catholic institutions. Students from different backgrounds may attend the university’s programs thanks to its campus, over 40 education centers, and online learning center. Since 1998, Saint Leo has offered online degrees via its online center. Online students may view archived classes anytime, anyplace.

SLU’s BA in Business Administration Management is a popular online degree. The curriculum focuses on managerial duties and covers business, entrepreneurship, strategic management, human resources, and organizational behavior and development. The BBA in Management offers internships. SLU grads lead at Citigroup, AAA, Boy Scouts of America, and more.

BBA-General Business Administration

Sam Houston State University’s online courses cost $244/credit. Sam Houston State University has prepared online students for successful lives since 2009. Each online student receives $1,000.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business Administration will take courses certified by the AACSB since 1996. Fall registration ends August 1, Spring ends December 1, and Summer ends May 15. Your transcript won’t say online even if you take classes online. Online and on-campus degrees are regarded equally. Online students have the same tools as conventional students to perform well on assignments, along with a great education, flexibility, and peace of mind. If you’re not acquainted with Blackboard, download it before commencing homework for your BBA in GBA.

Business administration bachelor’s

Getting a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Texas A&M is straightforward and great for people with jobs, kids, or other obstacles to conventional study. Working people may finish courses whenever and wherever they choose. Since 2003, Texas A&M University has provided online courses, enabling people to pursue higher education with flexibility. You may apply anytime.

1800 students enroll online per semester. Each course is AACSB-accredited and may be asynchronous or synchronous depending on the instructor. In the curriculum, students learn to apply analytical and strategic leadership solutions to an economic and environmental challenge. Getting a Texas A&M degree is easy, flexible, and affordable. U.S. World News ranked it #39 Best Online Bachelor Program in the U.S. Texas A&M offers the greatest value.

Global business degree (Management)

1887 created Troy University in Alabama. The institution claimed 4320 online bachelor’s students and 1,030 graduate business students. Troy’s 18 online programs. On August 10, 2020, a new class of 20-year-old undergraduates will start. Most will require four years full-time with summers off to get a baccalaureate.

Troy University pledges to “blend” on-campus and online education. All Troy baccalaureate degree recipients must take 12 credits on campus.

Canvas is one of several online learning systems. Online students may anticipate virtual conversations, conferences, tests, and papers. IDEA bank encourages student, alumni, and business leader collaboration. Service-learning is emphasized. Students and staff in the art department share their expertise during “Trojan Art Day” Sorrell Business College stresses ethics and globalization. The school partners with medical specialists to immunize students. Students learn corporate ethics and strategy via this curriculum. Global Business (Management) equips students to manage family companies, the military, government, and organizations. This major requires 5 courses; a bachelor degree requires 120 credit hours or 40 units. International activities are a basis of a meaningful business education, says Sorrell College of Business Dean Judson C. Edwards.

Management B.S.

The University of Alabama offers bachelor’s, master’s, education specialist, and doctorate degrees in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In 2004, the institution began offering online courses to students. All online bachelor’s programs are accredited and follow the same high standards as in-class courses.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business offers an online BS in Management with 24/7 technical assistance and scholarship alternatives. Students will study management, employment law, and workplace structure to further their professions. The curriculum includes networking opportunities that may assist graduates obtain jobs as operation managers, human resources managers, and management consultants, among others.

MBA in Business

The Institution of Alaska Fairbanks is a public research university situated about 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The institution’s location gives the ideal chance for studying Arctic engineering and biology, items that the university is best recognized for. UAF is additionally renowned to provide an exceptional choice of degree programs, some of which have been offered online since 2003-2004. Online lessons are recorded and distributed in an archived version, so students may view them at their leisure. Furthermore, UAF’s online degree respect the higher academic requirements, however they are among the most cheap such programs in America.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration offered online at the University of Alaska is a comprehensive but flexible study program that may be readily accommodated into a working adult’s schedule. The curriculum is aimed to educate students for effective leadership, featuring topics such as finance, insurance, human resources, international business, public relations, and many more. The curriculum takes four years to complete, and students may select for a focus in general business, leadership, marketing, or sports management.

Business administration bachelor’s

If you require flexibility in getting your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the University of Arizona is definitely where you want to be studying classes. U.S. World News, the University of Arizona was placed #11 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in the United States. Each credit is roughly $525, and courses may be taken at six different start dates throughout the year. Each course takes around 7.5 weeks to complete and can be taken at your own speed whenever you want, anywhere you want utilizing D2L or as it is generally called, Brightspace.

Each year, roughly 2,200 students are enrolled in online learning. The application deadline to apply for online courses for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is rolling, so feel free to apply at any time. Classes may be taken in either Spring or Fall semesters. A perk of online studying at the University of Arizona is you also obtain the same benefits that a conventional student does. This means you receive access to tutoring programs, library access, and every other advantage typical student gets. Students may flourish in their degree program at the University of Arizona with the greatest professors at the most reasonable prices with the best learning resources accessible for successful learning.

Bachelor of Science Business Administration in General Business

Founded in 1871 and retaining its standing as the biggest institution in the state, the University of Arkansas is a public university noted for its challenging programs in commerce, agriculture, architecture, law, and others. In addition to its 378 buildings on campus, the institution has also been developing online since 2008. Various bachelor’s degree programs may now be completed online, and students can access the recorded content from anywhere and at any time. The online diplomas and credits are completely certified, and they are treated the same as their in-class equivalents.

One of the university’s most popular online programs is the BS Business Administration in General Business. The curriculum takes four years to complete, however prior credits may be transferred towards the degree. Courses cover through all the important business disciplines, including accounting, finance, management, and marketing, equipping students for a successful career upon graduation. Graduates have a high employability rate attributable to the curriculum and the fact that the UoA’s Sam M. Walton College of Business is ranked as one of the best business schools in the nation.


Bachelor of Arts Or Science in Business Administration

Acquiring your Bachelor of Science or Arts in Business Administration at the University of Florida could not be any simpler. Earning it online might potentially be simpler than getting your degree in a regular classroom. Even while it may not be conventional, you nevertheless obtain the same quality education directly taught by professors if you were actually a traditional student. Getting your BABA online will enable you to create a strong foundation in business fundamentals and then match it with an extra skill set in a particular field.

Another bonus of being an online student at the University of Florida is that your tuition will be 40% lower than conventional students. Depending on when you start your program, your homework will be done through Canvas, which will allow you to interact with other students, all your professors, quizzes, examinations, and more. With flexibility in mind, most sessions are self-paced, enabling users to do assignments whenever, whenever. Thankfully you may have piece of mind knowing you are receiving the finest as the University of Florida is the #25 Best Online School for Bachelor Programs in the United States according to U.S. World News. All courses are also completely AACSB approved. No matter when you wish to start, you may start either in the Spring or Fall.

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Completion Program

Ever since the institution was established in 1867, The University of Illinois has altered students’ lives to serve society by teaching, developing knowledge, and putting knowledge to work on a big scale and with quality. Since 1998, they have used this similar idea to online learning. While most of the courses included in the Bachelor of Business Administration may be done and taken online, there are a few classes that need to be completed either at a community college or on the real campus like specific electives. Depending on when you start, the full curriculum will take roughly 2 years to finish.

Students will acquire a foundation of courses that include financial accounting, management accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, calculus (or finite math), and much more throughout the curriculum. Classes are done utilizing either Blackboard, Canvas, or Brightspace. Each course will start at 12:01 am on the beginning date and may be done at any time. Each course is also AACSB approved. Depending on the teacher for each course, they may opt to open the course up sooner than the actual beginning date, so make sure to connect with them when that will be so that you are prepared ahead of time.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

At the University of Illinois, you may obtain the flexibility, affordability, and dependability you want and need while completing your Bachelor of Business Administration! Ranked by the U.S. News, the University of Illinois ranks #3 when it comes to Best Online Bachelors Programs. Each course costs a total of $462/credit and the full program may be done within eight weeks. Ever since the University of Illinois was formed in 1867, the institution seeks to provide students seeking a higher education the best they can supply, which is why in 2007 the school introduced online courses.

The online program in Bachelor of Business Administration, helps you strengthen your critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and other abilities that you can apply on the workplace now and provide a basis for lifetime study. Each semester roughly 250 students are enrolled in the online course. In addition to building leadership abilities, students will also learn to handle data, study under renowned research experts, and experience the ultimate learning freedom! Getting your Bachelor of Business Administration online could not be any simpler! UI aims to organize your lessons according to your schedule considering flexibility, whether it is job or life in general.

BS in Business Administration in Management

The University was formed in 1965 by the Maine Legislature and it provided associate degrees solely as part of the University of Maine at Orono. In 1971, it became independent. Today, it is the third biggest campus in the University of Maine System. It has been delivering online bachelor’s degree programs since 1996. In 2020, there were 2926 students enrolled. Business Administration is the third most popular major with 9% of the student population.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management Major needs a minimum of 121 credits. Students may also pick an area of focus in Public Administration, Computer Information Systems, Financial Services, or Small Business. Most of the courses are record and preserved. The admittance deadline is rolling.



Since the schools establishment in 1863, the University of Massachusetts has endeavored to alter the lives, careers, and social settings of all members of its community. They also attempt to assist each student reach their potential in the pursuit of education by offering them information, obtain new understandings, and undertake the duties of leadership and civic involvement. Each semester, over 1500 students are enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration online. Each course is completely AACSB recognized and is the #23 Best Online Bachelor Programs in the US according to U.S. World News.

Each student obtains the full privileges of a typical student and may access the course via its LMS (learning management system). If you desire flexibility in determining when to start courses, you can finish the courses at your own speed, but the application deadline is rolling, so you may apply anytime you please. With that in mind, classes are only conducted in the Spring or Fall. If you are not quite convinced about going to the University of Massachusetts, you may take up to 15 credits without ever applying or while your application is in the process of being approved to get a feel for the material. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be charged.

University of Memphis
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Major in Management

Being certified by the AACSB, students participating in online courses for the BBA in Management degree will be equipped with a grasp of management ideas, theories, and principles that are applicable in all sorts of businesses. Studies will concentrate on broad knowledge and abilities in management that are applicable now and that will continue to be vital in the future. Courses will also prepare you for a number of positions in organizations in various business sectors including services, transportation, retail, health care, hospitality, non-profits, music and the arts, sports and leisure management, and government. The whole degree plan takes roughly 120 credit hours to complete for $463/credit hour.

Each semester, roughly 2300 students are enrolled in online courses. The application deadline is rolling, so feel free to apply whenever you feel you can. According to U.S News & World Report, the University of Memphis is ranked #52 in Best Online Bachelor Programs in the United States. Also, according to U.S News & World Report, the University of Memphis was just voted the #1 online institution in the state of Tennessee. All course is pre-recorded for every student’s convenience, enabling students to accomplish course work whenever, wherever they may want to do so. All assignments, lectures, quizzes, examinations, and more may be accomplished using the school online learning management system.

University of Missouri
Business administration bachelor’s

Accredited by AACSB International all online courses at the University of Missouri were built with adult learners in mind offering you the choice to achieve your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with convenience, affordability, flexibility, and attainability. Speaking of flexibility, if your schedule enables you to do so, you can easily complete all your courses within six weeks, but it may take up to six months. With that in mind, to acquire your Bachelor of Science in Business Management you will need to enrol either in the Fall or Spring.

Depending on the course and lecturer you have, online courses will either be asynchronous or synchronous. Asynchronous implies you may log on at any time to engage in some conversations, while synchronous require you to log on at a time to participate in certain class discussions. Again, depending on the instructor you have for different subjects, all courses in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will either utilize Canvas, Sakai, or Moodle. The full curriculum itself will take roughly 120 credit hours unless you are a transfer student. If you are actually a transfer student, on average, it will take roughly 66 credit hours to earn your online degree in Business Administration.

University of North Carolina – Pembroke
BS in Business Administration

On August 18, 2020, University of North Carolina’s incoming freshman will start school. They will spend four years getting a degree at a university that dates its origins back to 1789. With a presence in Pembroke, North Carolina, as well as many other NC communities, this institution provides close to 400 online degree programs and certifications. At any one moment, roughly 35,000 UNC students are learning online. The average undergraduate age is 20 at this AACSB-accredited university.

Online courses at UNC incorporate unique movies as well as animated motion graphics, reinforced by synchronous classes. The institution boasts of a “culture of collaboration,” and it has numerous financed initiatives. UNC honors students’ ability to link what they learn in the classroom with what they witness in the world. Professors employ a broad array of teaching styles, from the standard lecture to the flipped classroom. The Kenan-Flagler business school prides itself on research that impacts the corporate sector, academia, and government policy.

In addition to its BS in Business Administration, the institution also provides an MBA and a PhD in business. All courses at the business school are presently totally online. Typically, students can plan to attend some classes on one of the university’s state-wide campus sites. Students enrolling in the BS in Business Administration could anticipate to study 40-44 courses across four years. Douglas A. Shackelford, dean of UNC Kenan-Flagler, states, “The toughest thing to teach is how to be sensitive, introspective. It is getting individuals to acknowledge that they need to learn how people operate there if they are in a new environment.”

University of Southern Mississippi
Business administration bachelor’s

The University was formed in 1910 and was the State’s first State-supported teacher training institution. It is presently the State’s sole twin campus institution. The University is notable for marine and hydrographic sciences research, teaching, exploration, and outreach. It has been delivering Online Bachelor’s Degree programs since 2011. Most of the courses are recorded and stored. The deadline for admission is August 19th. There were 3783 enrolled in Bachelor’s degrees online. Business Administration and Management General is the most popular major with 29% of students.

The BSBA (General Business) may prepare students for jobs in a broad variety of business environments. 120 credits are required to graduate. Business programs are part of The College of Business and Economic Development and provide students the option to earn six hours of approved credit toward their degrees while studying abroad. In the summer, these programs are accessible at a reasonably cheap cost, and additional exchange programs and study-abroad courses may be available throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.